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Italian newspaper Famiglia Cristiana recently featured a review of Zap Mama’s ReCreation. Check it out here.


The Aqua Queen remix of “Non Non Non” is now available on iTunes!

In 2008, Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes featured Zap Mama’s vocals on “Waters of March (Les Eaux de Mars)” from his 2008 album Encanto. On June 1st, Mendes will release an album of remixes, Bom Tempo Brasil, including a remix of “Les Eaux de Mars” by Paul Harris.

The Urban Music Scene writes, “In “Waters of March,” producer Paul Harris injects the Jobim classic with a persistent and intriguing electro-African beat that underscores the mesmerizing work of Afro-Belgian vocalist Zap Mama (aka Marie Daulne).”

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Following the release of ReCreation in France, the French news channel BFM TV recently filmed an interview with Zap Mama. In this exclusive footage (available to stream on the BFM TV website), Zap Mama talks about the making of her latest album, the new Brazilian influences on her work, and her collaboration with Vincent Cassel.

In this exclusive interview, Zap Mama and Vincent Cassel discuss the inspiration behind their collaboration on “Paroles Paroles.”