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From the collaborative multi-genre album What About Me? produced by 1 Giant Leap. Learn more about the project here.


“Sweet Melodie” from Ancestry in Progress (2004)

Video Credits:
Director: Marie Daulne
Executive Producers: MTC Records, Zap Mama
Cinematographer: Jonathan Yi
First AC: Yoshi Teng
Gaffer: Ray Richards
Second AC/Loader: RJ Glass
Makeup Artist: Robin Narvaez
Stylist: Marie Daulne
Assistants: Stephanie Spiegel, Elizabeth Rogero
Editors: Rudd Lenaerts, Fred Di Bono
Management: Ian Zaider

A special thanks to G. Love!

In this exclusive interview, Zap Mama and Vincent Cassel discuss the inspiration behind their collaboration on “Paroles Paroles.”

Check out “I Wonder,” a new song by Speech of Arrested Development and Zap Mama, from Speech’s most recent album, The Grown Folks Table.

Download it from Vagabond Records.

Check out Zap Mama’s new EPK on the making of her latest album, ReCreation. The video features behind the scenes footage with G.Love, Vincent Cassel, and Bilal.

“Brrrlak!” from Zap Mama’s first album, Adventures in Afropea 1 (1993)

In the video, Zap Mama sings “I Shall Be Released” with American vocalist and seven-time Grammy winner Al Jarreau. The performance was aired on French television network Taratata. The New York Times review of Zap Mama’s performance with Al Jarreau at Carnegie Hall describes the show: “The quintet, accompanying itself on African percussion instruments and at one point beating its microphones like drums, sang a program of multilingual songs that were determinedly upbeat. “We got to think positive!” it chanted at one point. “Respect what’s different and you will wake up from the nightmare.” Leading the audience to take parts in a layered African Pygmy song, the group not only sang the multicultural gospel but helped spread it.”

>Watch the video here.

Image Credit: Discovery Green

Honda Ad:

Nokia Ad, featuring Zap Mama’s “Take Me Coco”

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