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From the collaborative multi-genre album What About Me? produced by 1 Giant Leap. Learn more about the project here.


Video Credits:
Director: Marie Daulne
Executive Producers: MTC Records, Zap Mama
Cinematographer: Jonathan Yi
First AC: Yoshi Teng
Gaffer: Ray Richards
Second AC/Loader: RJ Glass
Makeup Artist: Robin Narvaez
Stylist: Marie Daulne
Assistants: Stephanie Spiegel, Elizabeth Rogero
Editors: Rudd Lenaerts, Fred Di Bono
Management: Ian Zaider

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In 2008, Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes featured Zap Mama’s vocals on “Waters of March (Les Eaux de Mars)” from his 2008 album Encanto. On June 1st, Mendes will release an album of remixes, Bom Tempo Brasil, including a remix of “Les Eaux de Mars” by Paul Harris.

The Urban Music Scene writes, “In “Waters of March,” producer Paul Harris injects the Jobim classic with a persistent and intriguing electro-African beat that underscores the mesmerizing work of Afro-Belgian vocalist Zap Mama (aka Marie Daulne).”

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In this exclusive interview, Zap Mama and Vincent Cassel discuss the inspiration behind their collaboration on “Paroles Paroles.”

The Aqua Queen remix of Zap Mama’s “Non Non Non” featuring Vincent Cassel is now available for free download for a limited time!

Until the release on May 18th, you can stream or download the remix here.

Don’t forget to reserve tickets for Zap Mama’s Paris show on June 18th!

Michael Franti, who has collaborated on songs from Zap Mama’s albums Supermoon and Seven, featured her on his latest record, All Rebel Rockers. Describing the track, entitled “High Low,” Franti said, “That’s a song that I wrote with Marie Daulne from Zap Mama. We were in Belgium at Marie’s house. I picked up the guitar, and we both started talking about our mothers. That song is about the experience of me meeting my mother — my birth mother, I should say. I didn’t know her, and I met her when I was 22. It’s about the highs and lows of going through the emotions of meeting my mom, who I never knew.”

You can hear the track on Michael Franti & Spearhead’s website.

On Tuesday, the French newspaper Le Parisien announced the release of ReCreation in France on April 26th. The piece focused on Zap Mama’s collaboration with French actor Vincent Cassel on “Non Non Non” and
“Paroles Paroles.” The original version of “Paroles Paroles” was popularized in France by Dalida and Alain Delon. The new version by Zap Mama and Vincent Cassel imbues the classic song with a Brazilian vibe.

Check out “I Wonder,” a new song by Speech of Arrested Development and Zap Mama, from Speech’s most recent album, The Grown Folks Table.

Download it from Vagabond Records.

In March 2009, the UK producer team 1 Giant Leap (comprised of Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman) released their second album, What About Me?, a genre-transcending compilation featuring artists from around the world. The lengthy roster of musicians includes Zap Mama, who recorded “Each Step Moves Us On” with rapper Speech of Arrested Development. The album also features Alanis Morissette and Michael Franti, among others.

Zap Mama’s latest album, ReCreation, features the debut singing performance of French actor Vincent Cassel on the tracks “Paroles Paroles” and “Non Non Non.” Prior to his work with Zap Mama, Vincent Cassel has stared in numerous films, such as La Haine, Oceans Twelve and Thirteen, and Public Enemy Number One.

ReCreation will be released in France on Universal Records on April 26th, 2010.