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Ron Arad, a ground-breaking and genre-defying designer, recently celebrated the opening of his MoMA exhibition, “No Discipline.” Zap Mama was among the guests of this cross-decade retrospective, which covers Arad’s influential work from the 1970s to today. Both revered and notorious as a daredevil, maverick and visionary, Arad’s work has challenged the disciplinary boundaries of the contemporary design field, bridging sculpture, architecture and industrial design. At once post-modernist, deconstructionist, and Surrealist, he experiments with media and form to create undeniably unique pieces.

Construction on another of Arad’s projects, the Mediacite in Liege, Belgium, was also recently completed. Zap Mama performed at the inauguration ceremony on October 20th, 2009, celebrating the influence of this inspirational artist.

Image Credits: Helen During / MoMA / Mediacite