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Radio Monte Carlo recently listed Zap Mama’s “Paroles Paroles” on its July Monte Carlo Nights playlist. See the full list here.


In this exclusive interview, Zap Mama and Vincent Cassel discuss the inspiration behind their collaboration on “Paroles Paroles.”

Last Tuesday, Zap Mama’s ReCreation was featured on Repubblica TV, the online television station from one of Italy’s leading newspapers. See the video here.

Another major Italian newspaper, Il Giornale recently published a review of ReCreation, praising Zap Mama’s blend of musical styles from jazz and R&B to hop hop and pop. The article (available here in Italian) also focuses on Zap Mama’s collaboration with Vincent Cassel, and the Brasilian vibe to their remake of “Paroles Paroles.”

On Tuesday, the French newspaper Le Parisien announced the release of ReCreation in France on April 26th. The piece focused on Zap Mama’s collaboration with French actor Vincent Cassel on “Non Non Non” and
“Paroles Paroles.” The original version of “Paroles Paroles” was popularized in France by Dalida and Alain Delon. The new version by Zap Mama and Vincent Cassel imbues the classic song with a Brazilian vibe.

Zap Mama’s latest album, ReCreation, features the debut singing performance of French actor Vincent Cassel on the tracks “Paroles Paroles” and “Non Non Non.” Prior to his work with Zap Mama, Vincent Cassel has stared in numerous films, such as La Haine, Oceans Twelve and Thirteen, and Public Enemy Number One.

ReCreation will be released in France on Universal Records on April 26th, 2010.