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Zap Mama has joined a group of prominent Belgian musicians in responding to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti. The benefit concert, which will be held in Brussels on February 15th, is sponsored by Oxfam and Unicef, among others. The performers will include Soulsister, Novastar, Viktor Lazlo and many more. Click here for more information and tickets.


CARE, a leading non-profit humanitarian organization that fights poverty and social injustice, is currently working to respond to the crisis in Haiti. Please join Zap Mama in making a donation to CARE to deliver aid and help the survivors of the crisis.

SolarAid, a nonprofit organization that brings solar power to poor communities in African countries, recently released “Power Up The Planet,” a compilation CD of 14 tracks by renowned world musicians. Zap Mama has contributed “Vibrations” to the mix. Sales of the album will support the fight against global climate change and poverty.

The CD is available here.