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Remember to watch the 41st Annual NAACP Image Awards tomorrow night, Friday, February 26th, at 8PM on FOX! You can watch the live webcast of the pre-show beginning at 3:30PM Pacific Time here.

Last night, Zap Mama attended the NAACP Image Awards Film Nights Festival at Creative Art Agency (CAA). The three short films from New African Cinema were originally featured at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

You can read Zap Mama’s recap of the evening (in French and English) below:

hier, premiere soiree ma chere
j ai mit la robe verte

j etai sla seule en tnue de soiree je te jure !!
mais je me suis distinguee

c ‘etait une petite soiree
pour le cinema Africain à Holliwood
tres chouette film

Nous sommes arrivee avec 1 heure de retard
j ai donc ratee le NETWORKING

the movies were 3 short films
directed by Jenna Bass
magical realism

i can feel the feminity of the director in this film

It was very good
the main actress was a young girl 10 years old with the sound and the timbre of a old soul (deep and firm)

the second movie was from director WANURI KAHIU from KENYA
the film called PUMZI means breath
this movie was like my music
exactely the same atmosphere and visual so TRUE, so correct
i think it was my favorite!!!

the last movie was from Dyanne GAYE
it was a musical one shot sequence film
the film is very good
but as a musicians i was extremely disappointed by
the musical performance
the actor couldn’t sing and couldn’t dance!!
that ruins the very short film

c ‘etait vraiment bien
3 realisatricesafricaine

avec un message
tres juste


For the last forty years, the NAACP Image Awards have recognized the most influential people of color for their outstanding contributions to literature, music, film, and television. Now in the 41st year of the Image Awards, Zap Mama’s ReCreation has been nominated for Outstanding World Music Album!

All members of the NAACP are eligible to vote. If you are a member, you can cast your ballot here beginning January 21st.

Other major nominees include “Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire” for Outstanding Motion Picture, Jay-Z for Outstanding Male Artist, and Alicia Keys for Outstanding Female Artist. You can find a complete list of nominees here.

The winners will be announced at the award ceremony, airing Friday, February 26th at 8:00 PM on FOX.